Enabling rapid business growth with relevant tools and expertise

Our team of experienced business and technical consultants will help you setup and organise your sales and marketing teams using the best available digital platforms.

Why have we founded Autoarti?

Our team has over ten years of experience working with high growth companies. What do they have in common?

Company culture that is not afraid of technology. Team that takes technology as an essential ingredient of modern, efficient, high growth enterprise.

But there are many companies, that struggle to leverage the full potential of existing platforms.

That is why we have founded Autoarti.

To enable any enterprise to have a wordclass:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Support and Communication

And to become a key partner for the best of the best platform providers. 

We are your partner if you are looking for strategy, processes, and implementation of modern business management.

Typical services:

  • Analysis of a current situation and implementation strategy
  • Platform setup, basic settings, and team onboarding and training
  • Existing data import
  • Sales team setup - process, technical, training
  • Reports and Dashboards setup
  • Acquisition forms setup
  • Emailing setup
  • Sales and Marketing automatization
  • Customization for your specific needs
  • Integration with other systems

Meet our team

Alice Pollakova

HubSpot Senior Specialist

Ema Chuda

Junior Copywriter

Rene Step

Sales Automatization Senior Specialist

Debashis Roy

Integrations Senior Specialist

Robin Strzinek

Services Automatization Senior Specialist

Vojtech Foukal

Marketing Automatization Senior Specialist

Daniel Dornak

Marketing & Sales Automation Senior Specialist